MetaDefender for Secure Storage

MetaDefender for Secure Storage

Secure enterprise data storage

Cloud storage and local security solutions facilitate access, sharing and collaboration. However, they leave IT and security departments in a bind when it comes to malware and loss of sensitive data.

MetaDefender for Secure Storage offers a robust layer of protection to secure stored enterprise data, such as files and images. Helps prevent data breaches, downtime and compliance violations in cloud and on-premises storage.

  • Files are scanned for malware using 10 industry-leading antimalware engines (such as McAfee, ESET, Avira, Cyren, K7, Ahnlab, Ikarus, Bitdefender, ClamAV, QuickHeal) and analyzed for potential data loss or unsolicited privacy data.
  • Suspicious files can be cleaned up according to the zero-trust approach.
  • Sensitive file data can be automatically reported and redacted to prevent data loss.
  • Native integration with multiple cloud storage and local storage services such as OneDrive, Box, Amazon S3. Cloudian and Dell EMC make this solution easy to implement.
  • The interactive dashboard provides IT professionals with insight into the state of enterprise data storage and alerts them to potential risks.
  • Automated and actionable reports identify risks associated with users and services, enabling rapid corrective action.

MetaDefender for Secure Storage

Presentation of MetaDefender for Secure Storage – Key Features and Benefits

Smart protection

Quickly view the health of all data storage instances in the enterprise. A clear and concise dashboard highlights threats and security vulnerabilities affecting your data.

Drill deeper to investigate any areas of concern and take corrective action (suspicious files can be cleaned up, sensitive file data can be reported and even automatically redacted).

Choose when and what you want to process. Whether it is the entire memory, just new files or specific files; customized reports are automatically emailed directly to you and your organization’s stakeholders (with various privacy and security options)

Mitigating compliance risk

Meet regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS and RODO. Detect, redact or block personally identifiable information and sensitive data. Implement security policies to minimize the risk of data breaches and privacy violations. Provide role-based access (including read-only) to prevent and contain unauthorized changes.

Monitor and record user activities for inspection compliance.

All your cloud and local storage solutions in one place

Seamlessly integrate, configure and manage all Box, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3 and Cloudian storage instances and units in minutes. Gain the visibility to monitor and protect all your data in one unified view.

Integrate, configure and manage multiple cloud and on-premises storage solutions in minutes. Gain insight into one comprehensive view to monitor and protect all enterprise data.

Easy implementation

Use our lightweight installer and import your configurations or settings from scratch. All this in an easy-to-use interface that guides you step-by-step through the implementation process and gets you up and running in minutes. Our APIs address the problem of integrating processing into your company’s workflow.

Processing options and history

Choose a combination of real-time processing and scheduling options to protect storage from zero-day attacks and advanced persistent threats.

View all saved and scheduled reports in one place. Evaluate condition trends or meet audit requirements by recording reports over time. Easily compare key indicators from previous scans and assess trends over time.

Trust your storage with OPSWAT

Clean up suspicious files

Prevent zero-day and targeted attacks with OPSWAT’s Deep CDR (content disarming and reconstruction) technology (#1 in the industry) to prevent known and unknown threats, including threats equipped with malware evasion technology such as fully undetectable malware, VMware detection, obfuscation and more.

Rebuild more than 100 popular file types for maximum usability and secure content. Hundreds of file reconstruction options are available.

Industry-leading multiscanning

Simultaneous analysis using multiple malware protection engines is an advanced threat detection and prevention technology that increases detection rates, reduces outbreak detection time and provides resilience against problems from antivirus software vendors.

Proactively detects more than 99% of malware threats using signatures, heuristics and machine learning.

Confidential data

Detect, redact or block sensitive data with OPSWAT’s Proactive DLP (data loss prevention) technology and prevent potential data breaches and regulatory violations.

Automatic reporting and countermeasures in case of sensitive data loss. Check the contents of more than 40 popular file types for confidential and personal information (PII), including credit card numbers and social security numbers.