Prevent malicious file transfers for web applications that bypass sandboxes and single malware detection solutions.

Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction (Deep CDR): Disarm more than 90 popular file types and reconstruct each file, providing full usability with secure content.

Scan with more than 20 malware protection engines using signatures, heuristics and machine learning technologies to detect known and unknown threats as early and efficiently as possible.

AddNet secures network access through integrated support for 802.1x authentication and authorization based on MAC address. AddNet can enable network communication to an authenticated device and assign the device to appropriate VLANs depending on the policies implemented based on the MAC address. The NAC functionality in Novicom’s solution is vendor-independent and enables the implementation of secure network access regardless of the origin of the switches. However, to take full advantage of AddNet NAC, it is necessary that the network infrastructure supports the 802.1x / MAC authentication standard. This requirement is currently met by most switches from all major vendors.

The advantage of AddNet NAC is the simple implementation in large and distributed networks. It is also possible to deploy NAC at remote locations allowing secure access even if the central location is not accessible. This was achieved by integrating the Radius server on remote AddNet workservers.

Critical networks pose a particular challenge to security practitioners because they are isolated and without access to the Internet, so they are vulnerable to attacks from mobile media and similar file transfer technologies. OPSWAT offers a secure, end-to-end process for transferring files to and from isolated networks. The solution is widely used in the manufacturing, energy, government, banking, pharmaceutical and entertainment industries.

Certes CryptoFlow solutions are the first products in the industry to combine the flexibility and power of virtualized networks with the most secure cryptographic technology. With Certes CryptoFlow solutions, enterprises and service providers can create tunnelless, multipoint and multi-layer next-generation VPNs that protect traffic for any application on any network (Next Generation VPN). CryptoFlow-VPNs protect data traffic in LAN, WAN, Internet, virtual and cloud environments. Certes CryptoFlow-VPN can be configured in seconds with an extremely simple point-and-click interface for creating security policies.

The most dangerous threats to IT infrastructure are related to attacks targeting application vulnerabilities. Conventional security measures such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems have great difficulty detecting such intrusions.
Application Security Manager (ASM) provides full protection for Web applications and XML-based services. Using an application firewall provides customers with major benefits, including: protection against application attacks, regulatory compliance (including PCI DSS), and passing security audits without interfering with application code.