Certes Networks has been providing stable solutions since 2002.

The company was founded in 2002, based in Pittsburgh, USA. It currently has 50 employees and its operations are global. The main goal is to effectively secure Data in Motion: “Any application, over any network, to any device – SECURE”. Certes Networks is more than 7,000 devices operating worldwide in corporate networks. Key industries: financial / banking, government institutions, healthcare, education. Since 2014, the company’s new management has set a new goal for the company – “commercialization” of its products

leader in communications security technology

Certes Networks: the only company focused solely on encrypting Data in Motion

It secures more than 2 Terabits of flowing data worldwide;
Serves hundreds of informed customers in 70 countries around the world
Finance, healthcare, education, government, credit card payments.... All businesses requiring maximum data protection
Commercial introduction of 1G and 10G batch and device encryption
Introducing encryption solutions in the form of CryptoFlow™ tunnel VPNs, encrypted communications in a multipoint model;
16 patents, granted 9 times - in the field of data encryption
The only vendor to offer a network encryption solution for ISO/OSI layers 2, 3 and 4, physical and virtual networks

why certes?

Independent, tunnel-free, transparent to networks and applications

Centralized management: all apps, all data, all connectivity

Flexibility for networks and applications

Secure end-to-end communications for networks and applications

Easy troubleshooting and centralized auditing

Protecting the flow of information slows down innovation in the it environment

Lack of unification between application servers and end devices: Hop by Hop, App by App
  • Internet, Wireless LAN, WAN, LAN …;
  • Email, HR System, Payroll, Insurance, Business, Unix …;
Causes problems that impinge on the security of processed information
  • Lack of adaptability to the application movement;
  • Administrative charge related to the transfer of terminal equipment;
  • Safety management complications: Heartbleed, keying, certifications;
  • Impeded response to vulnerabilities: App by App, Server by Server, Network by Network;
  • Impeded proactivity: reconfiguration requiring multiple administrators, across multiple domains and management panels;
  • Additional man-hours spent on configuration, adding new locations, protecting new application servers;

Lack of unification in encrypting traffic from server to end device creates problems

certes cryptoflow™ vpns


  • Lack of unification: different VPNs, different encryption technologies, multiple administrative panels, extended response times;
  • Performance: encryption reduces network performance twice, increases response time of application servers;
  • Scalability: no central point of administration complicates expansion and troubleshooting, complex tunnels;
  • Lack of flexibility: firewall-level encryption with static tunnel ends; often overlooked by mobile devices, complicated cloud traffic protection;

Certes solution

  • Complete: centrally managed, end-to-end encryption, Layer 2, 3 and 4 support by a single solution;
  • No latency: encryption at the speed of the transmission medium without introducing latency;
  • Isolated: Separates security from network, management, applications; automatic topology configuration; encryption as a resource;
  • Holistic: End-to-end protection of any network and any application: CryptoFlow VPN;

certes network's response to problems encountered


Hardware-accelerated encryption with a licensing model on bandwidths in the range of 3 Mbit – 10 Gbit; Management Software Trustnet Manager – manages policies and key exchanges through a web interface; It can also be delivered as a hardware server with an optional HSM card;

vcep - for virtual environments

  • CryptoFlow support on third-party devices: gateways, NIDs, routers, switches, firewalls;
  • Cloud and virtual environments: VMware, KVM;
  • Using OpenStack: SDN, NFV;

Built on the proven CryptoFlow Group Encryption mechanism

  • Works with physical CEPs in data centers, subsidiaries
  • Extends CryptoFlow to third-party devices and virtual environments;

NFV support: Ciena, RAD, Overture, Cyan, Luxoft