Gimmal Registration Management

Manage all your documents and information from anywhere

Information is one of your organization’s most valuable resources. Improper management can put your company at risk of non-compliance with laws and regulations. Gimmal’s mission is to help you take control of your information with tools and proven methods to improve discovery, migration, management and compliance of your information.

We are successful when our customers are successful. Our goal is to make sure that our clients’ investments provide the highest return on investment for their organizations. Our software is designed to work with your existing infrastructure, so you can achieve your information management goals without much disruption to your business processes.

Gimmal Records

Benefits of the Gimmal Records solution

Central Navigation: Visibility and Control

Gain visibility and control of information in any repository with a centralized dashboard....

Manage your information anywhere

Make sure the information is managed according to the rules, no matter where it is.

Take advantage of existing infrastructure

Gimmal Records is independent of repositories and uses connectors to manage information.

Ensure compliance with automation

Configure rules and triggers to make sure the information is set up in the right lifecycle.