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Cut costs and improve access

SAP® solutions are powerful tools for managing business operations and customer relationships. However, storing content in SAP® software can be extremely expensive. Why not use the infrastructure you already have to store transactional content?

Store SAP® software content in Microsoft SharePoint

Gimmal Link connects content in SAP® and SharePoint software, seamlessly transferring content created in the SAP® solution to SharePoint and enabling content in SharePoint to create transactions that link directly to the SAP® solution. Since the integration is invisible to the end user, their experience does not change and no training is required.

Gimmal Link


Increase document access, reduce licensing costs with SharePoint-SAP® integration. Save on data storage with Azure/Microsoft 365. Improve SAP® performance by downsizing HANA. Increase productivity with the ECM content management system for SAP® content on SharePoint.

Improve access to documents

Access transactional content from SharePoint without the need for an additional SAP® software license.

Reduce the cost of ownership

Take advantage of Microsoft's cost-effective Azure/Microsoft 365 document storage for significant savings in storage costs.

Improve SAP® software performance

Reduce the size of the HANA database by up to 40%, increasing the availability of content through multiple delivery channels.

Increase workplace productivity

Use SharePoint as an ECM for unstructured SAP® software content and easily leverage this data to drive efficiencies across the digital workplace.

Easy integration of SAP® and Microsoft SharePoint software

Content sharing

Access unstructured SAP® software content in Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft 365.

Tagging content

Apply metadata tags to content inside SAP® technology from within the SharePoint interface.

Unlimited user access

Support as many SAP® software users as your company needs, at no extra charge.

Access to Microsoft 365 ADG

Allow the Microsoft 365 Advanced Data Governance solution to be used with SAP® software content.

Advanced search

Improve accessibility with advanced metadata-based document search via SharePoint and the Microsoft 365 platform.

Document storage

Automatically store documents in appropriate document libraries with metadata in both SharePoint and SAP® software.