The need for faster response and better communication is very important in many companies and organizations. Every employee should be reachable at any time and place of work, and should themselves be able to contact others quickly without delay. Immediate notification of key personnel to trigger a faster response is the cornerstone of DECT/IP DECT wireless communications. It is designed for a demanding work environment and can be customized to provide optimal mobility and efficiency in work processes. As a result, companies gain increased efficiency, productivity and security.

In addition to raising crew satisfaction, you’ll notice a positive reaction from customers when they get what they want quickly for the first time. Short and concise – DECT/IP DECT wireless systems deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time.

Ascom IP-DECT is a complete solution that combines the proven DECT standard with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, allowing you to use both data packets with high-quality voice calls on the same network. You can expect a very good quality of service and excellent messaging capabilities on a secure radio network. In addition, the annoying problem of intermittent connectivity or data loss has been eliminated thanks to the “handover” function. IP-DECT offers a dedicated and secured frequency that is very difficult to eavesdrop on or hack into. Which means that confidential information stays where it belongs.

With the introduction of the Ascom IP-DECT system, cost savings can be expected, as no large cabling infrastructure is required, and maintenance of the system is easy and not very time-consuming. Telephony and IT are no longer separate areas from separate departments. The same tools serve both areas, which ultimately results in a lower total cost of ownership

The Ascom IP-DECT system is modular which means a high level of scalability and flexibility. The size of the company and the number of remote locations does not matter much. In fact, Ascom IP-DECT is designed to support up to 100 IP-DECT gateways, 1000 IP-DECT base stations and 20000 IP DECT wireless handsets per location. Meanwhile, thanks to the “load-balancing” functionality and the ability to install multiple master base stations, the entire system can support 1000 IP-DECT gateways, 10000 IP-DECT base stations and 100000 IP DECT wireless handsets. Each IP-DECT base station handles eight voice calls simultaneously, while an IP-DECT gateway can handle 40 voice calls and 16 base stations at once.