Novicom ELISA news 2022 | Join us on February 22 at. 10:00 – 11:00

Welcome to Novicom ELISA Security Manager webinar

Ladies and Gentlemen are cordially invited to Part 2. Novicom’s webinar series, where the Novicom ELISA Security Manager product will be discussed along with its latest functionalities, where we will focus on log collection, storage and advanced evaluation.

Our meeting will provide an opportunity to learn valuable information about Novicom’s ELISA Security Manager tool, which helps organizations ensure comprehensive log collection, reliable correlation and effective evaluation of cyber security events. These functions can be used not only to directly manage security in an organization, but also, for example, to create and manage security using external security oversight based on the principle of an active SOC (Security Operations Center).

Webinar Program:

  • Introduction of Novicom s.r.o and the economical and effective Active SOC concept
  • Novicom ELISA product introduction
  • Practical use cases for Novicom ELISA
  • Novicom ELISA news
  • Live Demo Novicom ELISA
  • Summary of advantages of Novicom ELISA solution
  • and the concept of active SOC
  • Discussion and questions from participants

The webinar is free upon advance registration. Please join us for a meeting on February 22, 2022. at. 10:00 – 11:00. Language of the meeting: Polish.

Information on upcoming Novicom webinars about Novicom BVS product – Business Visibility Suite – is coming soon. Watch our website to stay up to date.

The webinar will introduce participants to the advantages of Novicom’s solution for building proactive cyber security, which supports the concept of the so-called Active SOC(Security Operations Center). We will demonstrate how to achieve this model and maintain a high level of continuous cyber security. We will detail Novicom’s ELISA Security Manager solution, which provides security specialists with a solution that can be used to protect the security of the organization. security and third-party security providers the now much-needed standardization of log collection and correlation, and analysis of cybersecurity events with News 2022.

Novicom ELISA is an important part of the Active SOC (Security Operations Center) strategy that Novicom, together with its SOC partners, is trying to promote to the market. Novicom ELISA for collecting and evaluating cyber security incidents, along with Novicom ADDNET for effective management of network services and network access control, and a solution Novicom BVS for visualizing network resources, including their impact on business services form a unique portfolio that prepares customers to quickly and seamlessly connect to the SOC service.

Did you miss our previous webinars? Watch the recording of the webinars on Novicom’s YouTube “

Missed our previous webinars? Watch the webinar recordings on Novicom YouTube “

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