The world’s best database for integrating data from multiple areas (silos)!

MarkLogic, of which we are distributors, is an Enterprise-class operational and transactional database. It is not a SQL database. MarkLogic’s database is designed to integrate, store, manage and retrieve far more data than ever before.

The MarkLogic database is capable of handling any data, in any quantity, in any structure. It is a platform for Big Data applications. Organizations around the world rely on MarkLogic technology for better and faster access to decisions and data.

base for current data

MarkLogic (a distribution of RamsData) is the only NoSQL enterprise-class “document-oriented” database. It can store, manage and search JSON, XML, plain text and binary data type files. It is a next-generation solution built from a flexible data model for storing, managing and retrieving up-to-date data, without losing any of the features associated with data resilience and consistency. With such capabilities, MarkLogic offers dynamic content delivery at massive scale and is ideal for performing heterogeneous data integrations, in a much simpler and faster way than ever before.
MarkLogic is scalable and flexible, has built-in enterprise-grade security and performs ACID transactions. It also has a REST and node.js API and a Java API Client.

If your answer is "YES" to any of the following questions about data integration:

I need to get a complete picture of organizational assets/resources from all data "silos".
I need to make better use of existing data resources.
I need to create an intelligent way to use a large amount of complex and diverse data that is constantly changing.
I need fast search and analysis of data by mobile and edge users with synchronization back to a central database.
I want to extinguish costly legacy (e.g., "mainframe") data warehouses while providing new and better types of information products and data integration.

This: MarkLogic is the solution you need!

If your answer is "YES" to any of the following questions about data distribution:

I would like, to be able to deliver content in multiple formats through multiple channels.
I would like to aggregate information and make it available to different groups of interested parties, while leaving the files in the same place.
My current heterogeneous data distribution systems and processes have reached a critical point and are not efficient.
My database infrastructure cannot meet the demands of new channels, new types of publications and the required strict deadlines imposed by data distribution teams.

This: MarkLogic is the solution you need!