OpSWAT: The Best Tool for Scanning and Protecting Systems.

Security of information systems is extremely important in the face of increasingly
advanced cyber threats. OPSWAT MetaDefender is a tool that
addresses these challenges by offering effective solutions for scanning and
Protecting systems from various types of threats. In this article we will take a closer look at
OPSWAT’s MetaDefender solution and its role in ensuring the security of systems, especially file security.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is OPSWAT?
  2. OPSWAT MetaDefender Features.
  3. How does OPSWAT MetaDefender work?
  4. Advantages of using OPSWAT MetaDefender
  5. OPSWAT MetaDefender use cases.
  6. How do I get started using OPSWAT MetaDefender?
  7. Frequently asked questions

What is OPSWAT?

Definition of

OPSWAT is a company specializing in solutions for scanning and protecting systems
IT. Their products are used by companies around the world to
Ensuring the security of its systems. In a nutshell, thanks to its innovative scanning and threat detection technologies and effective protection against various types of malware, OPSWAT has won recognition in the industry.

OPSWAT Products

OPSWAT offers a range of products, including:

MetaDefender: MetaDefender is an advanced multiscanning tool.
files and devices in search of threats using a large number of engines
Antivirus at the same time. It uses huge signature databases, AI or Machine Learning technologies and advanced analysis methods, including scanning
heuristic, behavioral analysis or dynamic analysis to ensure accurate
and comprehensive detection of all kinds of malware.
MetaDefender is undoubtedly an effective tool in fighting viruses, trojans,
ransomware and other malicious programs.

MetaAccess: MetaAccess is an innovative solution that provides control of the
access and equipment compliance with security guidelines. Thanks to MetaAccess
Network administrators can monitor and manage network access, requiring,
That the equipment meets certain safety standards before obtaining the
connections. This tool especially allows companies to maintain a high level of
security by controlling and restricting network access for devices,
Which do not meet certain requirements.

MetaDefender Kiosk: MetaDefender Kiosk is a specialized product that enables.
Fast and efficient scanning of portable storage devices, such as
flash drives, memory cards, CDs and external drives. This is ideal for
public places such as airports, shopping malls and educational institutions,
That want to provide protection against the transmission of malware
via mobile devices. MetaDefender Kiosk scans devices for.
searching for viruses and other threats in real time, so it provides fast
and effective protection.

OPSWAT MetaDefender Features.

Anti-virus scanning

In addition, OPSWAT MetaDefender offers advanced virus scanning features that
identify and eliminate malware and other threats. With integrated
scanning mechanisms, their solutions are able to detect different types of viruses,
Trojans, ransomware and other malicious applications. MetaDefender’s virus scanning is based on the latest virus definitions and advanced
heuristic algorithms, as a result of which it allows to quickly and effectively neutralize potential
threats to information systems.

File cleanup

Data Sanitization (CDR) – is an engine for “sanitizing” (cleaning/decontaminating) files by
“disassembly/demolition” and reassembly/reconstruction” of the file to remove any
active content from files like macros, scripts, etc. deemed harmless/non-hazardous,
but which could later be altered by hacking techniques into malware
inside the network. The engine also allows you to change the format of the original files and the ability to
leaving only the file’s completely secure utility content. Currently
The technology allows for support of more than 100 file types.

Dynamic file analysis

Opswat Adaptive Sandbox – is an engine for adaptive threat analysis. It is a sandbox
Next-generation emulation with superior technology that is resistant to evasive- tactics used by threats. It offers 100 times the performance in the context of the
Resource utilization and 10 times faster analysis speed compared to other
sandoxes. Specializes in the detection of zero-day malware a
Targeted attacks in MS Office documents and scripts via
MetaDefender Core (analysis of 25,000 files per day).

Detecting vulnerabilities in files

Vulnerability Engine (VUL) – is an engine for detecting known vulnerabilities/vulnerabilities in files,
Which could be exploited by exploits and hackers. The module offers technology
scanning to detect vulnerabilities in software binaries, application installers,
IoT firmware, etc.

Protection against data leakage

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) – is an engine for detecting preset content in files
providing PROACTIVE protection against data leakage using such
technologies like covering sensitive data, removing metadata, adding a mark
water, etc. The module provides data loss prevention technology for instances
MetaDefender Core to meet compliance requirements by detecting and
Editing sensitive data in documents and files, images, videos.


Product features


OPSWAT MetaDefender uses multiscanning technology that allows it to
Scan files and devices with multiple antivirus engines simultaneously, resulting in the following
The effectiveness of threat detection is increased. With this innovative method, the system can
scan files using various antivirus engines to increase the chance of a
detecting even the most advanced and hidden threats. Multiscanning is
Particularly useful in situations where a single antivirus engine may overlook the
certain types of malware, and the simultaneous use of several engines makes it possible to increase the
protection effectiveness.

Speed and efficiency

Given OPSWAT’s optimized scanning algorithms, MetaDefender runs fast and
efficiently, which minimizes the time it takes to detect threats. The system scans the files and
devices in an efficient manner, eliminating the need to wait a long time for results
scanning. Scanning speed is key, especially for large networks
computer or sensitive systems, where rapid response to potential threats
is essential.

Integrations with other tools

What’s more, OPSWAT MetaDefender integrates with many other security tools, which
enables comprehensive management of system security. In other words, thanks to the integration with
Various tools, such as event monitoring systems (SIEM), systems
Identity management (IAM) or security management platforms (security
management platforms), MetaDefender allows you to take full advantage of the capabilities of the
of these systems in the context of scanning and threat protection. Integration with others
tools also allows for automation of security processes and better
Using available resources to effectively protect IT infrastructure.

Advantages of using OPSWAT MetaDefender


OPSWAT MetaDefender offers maximum threat detection performance
file origin through the use of multiple antivirus engines. With a collection of
advanced technologies, OPSWAT MetaDefender can identify and eliminate
various types of malware, including viruses, trojans, worms or other malicious applications.
Multi-engine scanning system helps increase the chances of detecting even
The most advanced and hidden threats, which translates into greater
IT infrastructure security and protection. Whereas Deep CDR or Sandbox completely
Protected against targeted attacks and so-called “targeted attacks. “Zero-day” attacks.


With its wide range of OPSWAT functions, MetaDefender can also be used to
various purposes, from virus scanning to compliance analysis. In addition to effective
detecting and eliminating threats, OPSWAT MetaDefender also offers tools to
monitoring and managing security compliance, allowing companies to
maintain a high level of protection for data and IT infrastructure. Multifunctionality of OPSWAT
MetaDefender makes it a truly versatile tool that can be customized for
different needs and requirements of the organization.

Ease of use

OPSWAT MetaDefender’s user interface is intuitive and easy to use to make it easy to
use of the tool even for those without technical expertise. Thanks to
Transparent and user-friendly interface, users, as a result, can easily view results
scan, configure protection settings, and monitor security status
Its IT infrastructure. In summary, the ease of use of OPSWAT MetaDefender makes this tool
can be used by different departments and users in the organization, regardless of the
Their level of technical sophistication.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is OPSWAT? It is an American company specializing in critical infrastructure security solutions.
  2. What are the features of OPSWAT MetaDefender?
    OPSWAT MetaDefender offers a range of features, including virus scanning, analysis of
    File compliance and vulnerability and content detection
  3. How does OPSWAT MetaDefender work?
    OPSWAT MetaDefender uses multiscanning technology and optimized
    scanning algorithms to quickly and efficiently detect threats in files.
  4. How can I test OPSWAT MetaDefender?
    To start testing MetaDefender, apply to Rams Data Sp z
    o.o. with a request for a trial license at: kontakt@ramsdata.com.pl
  5. Is OPSWAT MetaDefender easy to use?
    Yes, MetaDefender’s user interface is intuitive and easy to use, which
    makes the tool easy to use even for those without technical expertise.

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