Gimmal: Your Partner in Effective Information Management

Gimmal is an IT company that offers comprehensive information management solutions for businesses. Thanks to its innovative software and IT services, its services enable companies around the world to efficiently collect, process and use data.

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  1. Gimmal Software
  2. Gimmal IT Services
  3. Benefits of Using Gimmal
  4. Frequently asked questions

Gimmal Software

For two decades Gimmal has been in the field of providing information management solutions since 2002. We use our long-standing experience to support you in understanding the optimal strategy and provide the best information management solutions. The main product they offer is software designed for effective information management in companies. Available solutions include:

Solutions for Document Management

This software enables effective document management, including document collection, storage and retrieval. With advanced features, users can easily organize documents, control access to them and ensure regulatory compliance. This allows users to manage their documents efficiently, keeping their business processes organized and secure.

Process Automation Tools

The software provides process automation tools that support companies in streamlining their operations and increasing productivity. With automation, it is possible to optimize business processes, reduce the time required to perform routine tasks and minimize the risk of human error. This enables companies to achieve greater efficiency and better business results by eliminating redundant activities and streamlining key operational processes. Automation also supports faster decision-making and response to changes in the business environment.

Gimmal IT Services

Consulting and technical support:

Team of experts Gimmal offers support to companies by tailoring solutions to their unique needs and providing ongoing technical support. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, customers can count on professional advice and dedicated assistance in solving any problems related to the software and its implementation. Gimmal’s experts work with clients at every stage, from requirements analysis, through design and implementation, to maintenance and development of the solution. Their main goal is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and effective use of the technologies they offer.


Training and Implementation:

Gimmal provides specialized training for company employees to help them acquire the necessary information management skills. These training courses are designed so that employees can effectively use the new solutions and tools offered by the software. Through them, staff can better understand the software’s functions and assimilate best practices in the area of document and process management. In addition, training helps in the process of implementing new solutions, enabling employees to adapt to changes in the organization more quickly and effectively.

Benefits of Using Gimmal

Performance improvement:

By using process automation and effective document management, companies can increase their operational efficiency and achieve better business results. Automation eliminates time-consuming and repetitive tasks. Consequently, this translates into savings in time and human resources. Effective document management enables quick retrieval and access to necessary information, which promotes sound business decisions. As a result, companies can operate more efficiently increase their competitiveness in the market and achieve better financial results.

Enhance data security:

Gimmal guarantees advanced security measures that effectively protect confidential information from unauthorized access and the risk of data loss. By using modern protection mechanisms, such as data encryption, access control and activity monitoring, the company ensures full control over information and minimizes the risk of security breaches. This enables customers to use the software with complete confidence, knowing that their sensitive data is adequately protected against potential threats and cyber-attacks.

Business Process Optimization:

Using Gimmal software , companies actually have the opportunity to optimize their business processes by eliminating unnecessary steps and reducing the time needed to complete them. In fact, with the advanced tools available within the platform, companies can identify and remove redundant activities. They can automate repetitive tasks and streamline the flow of information and documents within an organization. As a result, companies achieve greater efficiency, increase their competitiveness in the market, and improve customer satisfaction by delivering products and services faster and more efficiently.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What are the benefits of using Gimmal software?

The use of their software brings a number of benefits, including: effective document management, automation of business processes, use of advanced security mechanisms, or optimization of business processes.

  1. Does Gimmal offer consulting and training services?

Yes, it also offers consulting and training services for companies. They help them tailor solutions to their individual needs and provide the necessary knowledge and skills for employees to manage information.

  1. What are the main features of Gimmal software?

Gimmal’s main software features include document management, business process automation and the provision of advanced security mechanisms.

  1. Which companies can benefit from Gimmal’s services?

Companies in various industries and sectors can benefit from Gimmal’s services. Especially those that need effective information management and business process automation.

  1. Does Gimmal provide technical support for its customers?

Gimmal also provides technical support to its customers, which includes consulting, troubleshooting, and assistance with software implementation and configuration.

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